Dr. Aaron's services


At Home Mobile

    If you are unable to leave your home, or the chiropractic office setting isn't what you're looking for, Dr. Aaron will come to you. He offers personalized treatments tailored to your needs. Your first visit will last anywhere from one to one and a half hours consisting of a consultation, full orthopedic and neurologic exam. Dr. Aaron will then determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care and may perform a chiropractic treatment. This includes chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM), and/or kinesiotaping.


In Office Mobile

   Organize weekly, biweekly, or monthly chiropractic care to decrease chances of work related injuries, maximize health at work, and increase work efficiency. Dr. Aaron also does ergonomic assessments.

Sports Events

   Have chiropractic care at your next event. As a former professional cyclist and Division 1 volleyball player, Dr. Aaron understands the importance of having chiropractic care on site while competing. He has experience working with elite CrossFit athletes, cyclists, runners, volleyball and rugby athletes and triathletes at their events.


Initial Exam: $100/150/200 depending on severity of condition 

Regular visit: Price varies based on group size

                        $80/person (1-5 people)

                        $60/person (6-10 people)

                        $40/person (11 or more people)

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